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About Us

The Texas Speleological Survey (TSS) is a non-profit corporation established in 1960 to collect, organize, and maintain information on Texas caves and karst (the term for a landscape likely to contain caves). The TSS is affiliated with the Texas Memorial Museum (at the University of Texas at Austin), the Texas Speleological Association (the state's organization for cave scientists and explorers), and the National Speleological Society (NSS, the national organization for all things related to caves, karst, cavers, caving, and conservation). The TSS is an official project of the NSS, one of the nationally recognized cave and karst surveys that are permanent repositories of cave data. The TSS also helps Texas cavers conduct cave and karst projects under agreements with local governments, state and federal agencies.

Orion Knox in the entrance room of Electro-Mag Cave, Sun City, Williamson County, Texas - photo George Veni - click for a larger image in a new window
Orion Knox in the entrance room of Electro-Mag Cave, Sun City, Williamson County, Texas.
- photo George Veni

Individuals and entities that would like additional information on Texas's underground resources can request information from the TSS; we support safe and responsible caving, cave science, educational initiatives, and conservation.

For current information on TSS events and on events in the Texas caving community, please consult the TSS News link for current news and the Calendar link for announcements of events.

This web site offers an overview of the TSS, its holdings, its projects, and what the Texas caves and karst resources mean to the state. It provides links to short descriptions and pictures of very famous Texas caves, an introduction of the state’s karst geology, links to local caving organizations, and to additional resources that can help you find out more about caves and karst.

The TSS has its own publishing program, offering publications that include public information for those newly interested in caves, regional and county cave reports, and technical reports published in conjunction with the Texas Memorial Museum. All publications are edited by cave scientists and explorers affiliated with the TSS, and all profits from sales support future publications and our ongoing data collection and archiving efforts.

The TSS is a volunteer organization that welcomes your participation in supporting the goals and mission of the organization. The most important way you can help is by submitting information about previously unknown caves or the current status of known caves. To facilitate this, the site offers a convenient data submission form. Any information you provide will be used to update our master database files. The TSS has provisions to keep data confidential when necessary, to protect both owners and cave resources.

Other donations of cave-related materials are also welcome. Please contact us (see the donations page on this site), and we can help you decide where your materials might best be placed. If you have questions, suggestions, or would like to participate in TSS activities, please contact us.