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This page last updated July 19, 2014

TSS Announcements

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Carl Kunath's 50 Years of Texas Caving is available now!   More Information.

The TSS will no longer hold Evening Office work sessions.  Check back for more information on an all day weekend work session.

The next TSS Board of Directors meeting – Saturday July 26, 2014 10:30 AM - at the TSS Office on the University of Texas Austin, Pickle Research Campus.  More InformationMAP.

TSS meetings, and events are posted on the TSA Caving Event Calendar.

Welcome to the TSS Home Page

Texas Speleological Survey Logo by Jerry Fant

The Texas Speleological Survey (TSS) is a non-profit corporation established in 1961 to collect, organize, and maintain information on Texas caves and karst. We make that information generally available for scientific, educational, and conservation purposes, and to support safe and responsible cave exploration. We are affiliated with the Texas Memorial Museum, the Texas Speleological Association, and the National Speleological Society.

This web site is provided to first give an overview about the caves and karst of Texas, their scientific and educational value, and how you can learn more information about Texas caves, cave exploration, and the TSS. The second purpose of this web site is to provide you a convenient means of submitting information on Texas caves. This can be for either previously unreported caves or new information about known caves, and can be done through our on-line cave and karst feature report form. The value of the TSS database is directly related to how much information is contributed to the files. We collect as much as we can, but can’t do it all without your help.

Feel free to look around our web site. We hope you find it both useful and educational. If you have questions, suggestions, or would like to participate in TSS activities, please contact us.