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The Texas Speleological Survey (TSS) is a non-profit corporation established in 1960 to collect, organize, and maintain information on Texas caves and karst (the term for a landscape likely to contain caves). . . . [read more]

Introducing the permanent home for Texas Caving!

The Texas Speleological Survey (TSS) and the Texas Cave Management Association (TCMA) are pleased to introduce the Texas Speleology Center! This facility serves as the joint operational headquarters for both organizations, administered by a joint board ("Rumix," named for Bill Mixon and William [Bill] Russell, whose major donations made our ownership of this property possible).

The Texas Speleology Center also is the the archive for the Texas Speleological Association and the Association for Mexican Cave Studies.
It is located near Driftwood, TX (southwest of Austin) in the former residence of Bill Mixon (read more . . . )
Contact us if you want to help us in any way -- with data, labor, donations of old caving photos and memorabilia [or funds], or anything else related to Texas caves and caving. The TSC, TSS, TCMA, and AMCS are all non-profit entities, whose leadership boards take no compensation whatsoever. Anything you can help us with directly helps the cause of caving and cavers in Texas.

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Quarterly Meeting:
The next meeting of the Board of Directors is scheduled for 24 August 2024, at 10:00 AM.
Meetings are at the Texas Speleological Center, 14045 North Green Hills Loop, Austin 78737-8619.
Meeting Contact: Jim Kennedy.
How to get to the TSC: MAP or Directions to Texas Speleological Center

NEWS: As many of you know, the TSS has moved its assets to the TSC. There still is a lot to do to set up the TSS as an optimally functioning organization. Watch out for workday announcements -- we could use the help on everything from exterior maintenance and lawn mowing, through inside renovation, and help with sorting our library and the donations made by cavers.

NOSTALGIA: Our old home: MAP to TSS Pickle Office

More news . . .

Orion Knox in the entrance room of Electro-Mag Cave, Sun City, Williamson County, Texas - photo George Veni - click for a larger image in a new window           
Orion Knox in the entrance room of Electro-Mag Cave, Sun City, Williamson County, Texas.
- photo George Veni

The TSS has an active publication program in support of Texas caving.

  • For a complete listing and information on availability and orders, click here.
  • For free downloads of more publications (OOP and Open Access), click here

The Caves of Government Canyon, edited by Marvin Miller



MASTHEAD PHOTO: Government Canyon Blowhole: photo by Marvin Miller

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