Outstanding Service Award

The Outstanding Service Award is the highest honor bestowed by the TSS. It acknowledges individuals' sustained contribution to the organization and its goals, in service to the karst and cavers of Texas.
James R. Reddell
March 2017 (text forthcoming)
Bill Mixon
July 2014. The TSS recognized Bill Mixon for his exceptional contributions to the association's publication program. His work makes new TSS volumes look polished and professional, and he has gone to extraordinary lengths over many years to help make older publications available to the caver community as electronic reprints -- the archivist par excellence of cavers' publication legacy.
William R. Elliott
October 2002. The TSS recognized Bill Elliot for his many years of contributions to the TSS and Texas caving. Before moving to Missouri, Bill was TSS editor. In addition to being editor, Bill redrafted numerous maps and wrote many reports about the biology of Texas caves and karst. The limestone Texas plaque was presented at the Texas Cavers Reunion.
Ronald G . Fieseler
October 2001. The TSS recognized Ronnie Fieseler for his contributions to the TSS. He was one of the TSS editors during 1975, and has made a number of contributions to the TSS and Texas caving in general throughout the years. The limestone Texas plaque was presented at the Texas Cavers Reunion.
A. Richard Smith
October, 1997. The TSS recognized A. Richard Smith of Fort Worth for his many outstanding contributions to the TSS over the years. He was announced as the first recipient of the "TSS Outstanding Service Award" at the Texas Caver Reunion, and was awarded a limestone Texas plaque at a dinner in his honor in December, 1997. A. Richard Smith is now deceased.

Associates are individuals who have provided significant service to the organization. They are honored with Associates Certificates as affiliates of the board in thanks for their work and dedication on specific projects and/or initiatives.


Christopher Francke 26 July 2014
(work on Williamson Country file and website redesign)
Leslie Bell 26 July 2014
(work on Williamson County files)
Grace Borengasser 26 July 2014
(work on website redesign)
Katie Arens 26 July 2014
(work on website redesign)
Cat Kennedy 23 Feb 2006 2006-2009
Roger Moore 23 Feb 2006 2006-2009
John Worsfold 23 Feb 2006 2006-2009
Katie Arens 9 Jan 2005 2005-2008
Terry Holsinger 4 Apr 1998
past webmaster
Julie Jenkins 4 Apr 1998
past office manager
Becky Jones 12 Oct 1998 1998-2000
Aaron Addison 12 Oct 1998 1998-2000
David Bogard 12 Oct 1998 1998-2000
Jim Kennedy 20 Apr 1997 1997-1999
Brian Vauter 20 Apr 1997 1997-1999
Michelle Karle 20 Apr 1997 1997-1999
Butch Fralia Apr 1996 1996-1998