MASTHEAD PHOTO: Government Canyon Blowhole: photo by Marvin Miller

            Exterior of TSC Entrance
Texas Caving has a new home!

The Texas Speleological Survey (TSS) and the Texas Cave Management Association (TCMA) are pleased to announce the new Texas Speleology Center! This facility will serve as the new joint headquarters for both organizations and will eventually be the new home of the TSS library currently located at the Pickle Research campus. The Texas Speleology Center is located near Driftwood, TX (southwest of Austin) and is in the former residence of Bill Mixon. The TCMA and TSS wish to thank Bill for generously working with us to acquire this property, which will serve the entire Texas caving community.

The Center is located on 5 quiet wooded acres and contains a main building and a large metal barn. The main building contains a library, meeting room, office space, and a cooking area. It also has a full size basement with its own lower entrance and the main level has a large deck. The barn is suitable for storing trailers and equipment or holding talks and events. The Center currently holds the AMCS library, which we anticipate will continue.

The TCMA and TSS wish to thank the many people who helped this purchase come to fruition and we look forward to inviting the Texas caving community to join us at the Center in the upcoming year for many projects and events!

Joe Mitchell
President, Texas Speleological Survey

Gregg Williams
President, Texas Cave Management Association

Texas Speleological Center
14045 North Green Hills Loop
Austin 78737-8619

How to get to the TSC:
Directions from Austin:
Drive FM 1826 southwest toward Driftwood. Very shortly after passing the Driftwood Volunteer Fire Department, turn right onto S. Green Hills Loop (there are low curved stone walls around this intersection. Follow this around a few gentle curves and past some houses. Take the slight right where the road forks, onto the smaller road (this is N. Green Hills Loop). Follow up up the hill past a couple more houses and driveways until the road makes hard left turn. Go straight into brush lined gravel driveway, and you are there (building not visible from the street).

map to tsc Larger map to TSC.