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        Caves and Karst of Texas        

The Caves and Karst of Texas. NSS Convention Guide, 1994.
William R. Elliott and George Veni.
342 pp . + viii + 12 pp of folded maps in pocket, 114 photographs (plus color covers of Kickapoo Cavern and O-9 Well), 30 illustrations and graphs; 107 cave maps, 179 cave descriptions (plus others mentioned), descriptions and maps of 35 significant bat caves.
Acid-free recycled paper. Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 94-66893, ISBN (paperbound) 1-879961-04-0
Chapters on caving in Texas; karst regions of Texas, hydrogeology and evolution of caves and karst in the southwestern Edwards Plateau; cave fauna; vertebrate paleontology; archaeology; conservation; road logs for geologists, archaeologists, and biologists; show caves; caves of Kickapoo Caverns State Natural Area; wild caves; unusual caves and karst; and caves of northern Mexico; index; appendix of long and deep caves.

        The Caves of Carta Valley        

The Caves of Carta Valley.  1995.
Carl E. Kunath.
109 pp., 43 caves, 1 feature, 43 maps.
Edwards and Val Verde counties.

The Cave of Denton County. 1967.
Ronald G. Fieseler and Michael Moody. 5 pp., 1 cave, 1 map Free download!

The Caves of the Mount Vernon and Livingston Quadrangles, Kentucky. 1962.
William H. Russell and Thomas R. Costello. 12 pp. Free download!


Rhadine Beetle from a Uvalde Cave, Photo Jean Krejcea - click for a larger image in a new window


(varied topics; may be available by special request):

A Field Guide to the Caves of Blanco, Gillespie, and Llano Counties, Texas. 1989.
James R. Reddell, William R . Elliott, and A . Richard Smith. 134 pp., 58 caves, 40 features, 36 rumors, 41 maps.

A Field Guide to the Caves of Kendall County. 1985.
William R. Elliott. 143 pp., 223 caves, 67 maps.

An Introduction to the Caves of Texas. NSS Convention Guide, 1978.
Ronald G. Fieseler, James Jasek, and Mimi Jasek. 117 pp.

The Caves of McKittrick Hill, Eddy County, New Mexico. 1978.
Carl E. Kunath. 87 pp.