Texas Speleological Survey
Historical Reprint

Geomorphology and Hydrogeology of the Edwards Plateau Karst, Central Texas. Ernst H. Kastning.
274 pp., 177 figures, 21 tables, 6 separate plates in appendices. 74.5 MB.

Geomorphology and Hydrogeology of the Edwards Plateau Karst, Central Texas is a reprint of the complete 1983 dissertation completed under the supervision of Victor R. Baker at the University of Texas at Austin. The copyright rests with Dr. Ernst H. Kastning.

It has been made available because of its historic interest. It was the first extensive address to karst in the region, and so should be considered as a representation of the early 1980s -- it has in many circles achieved the status of legend, and so the TSS hoped that this publication would satisfy this interest.

Nonetheless, most, if not all, of the data should be treated as dated at best; it should be used only for historic interest, because it has been superseded by more recent publications. Enjoy it as a tour through early phases of cave science in Texas.

Its reemergence is due to incredible diligence and luck. The copy of the text held by University Microfilms International (now ProQuest) and available for purchase and in several libraries had images that were almost all unreadable. The original computer files for the text were preserved on a 10-in magnetic tape reel in a format unreadable by equipment available at the millennium; the data were recovered commercially and some extensive corrupt sections retyped by Katie Arens from the available version.

With the text in hand, Jim Kennedy of the TSS and Ernst Kastning relocated and rescanned all but a very few of the original figures, maps, and photos, to replace the original unreadable ones. A very small handful had to be taken from the original publication, improved electronically where possible, but left semi-readable. The same applies to the photographs, which, however, could be rescanned from UT's archive copy of the work by Arens because they had been inserted from duplicate photos from the original negatives.

Finally, Bill Mixon, editor extraordinaire and patron of all caving publications from Central Texas (and beyond), laid out a pdf suitable for download. There was no attempt made to make a facsimile of the original, because that layout was inefficient and ineffective as most early computer publications were, with fonts no longer generally available except as curiosities. The figures and illustrations were, accordingly, placed with respect to their positions in the text, rather than to where they were in the originals; they are close to their original positions, and in the same order, but not always on the equivalent pages.

The TSS owes enormous thanks for all this volunteer work and especially to Dr. Ernst H. Kastning for permission to republish.