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TEXBIB – Bibliography of Texas Speleology

TexBib is a searchable bibliographic database for Texas caves. It is primarily the product of over 40 years of work, by James Reddell (editor of the Bibliographic Guide to New World Cave Biology [NWBB]), and by Jerry Atkinson, with contribution by other TSS directors. David McKenzie wrote Reselect, the search engine program which is downloadable with the bibliography below.

TexBib entries are all from available Texas caving newsletters, plus national and international newsletters, books, science journals, newspapers, magazines, theses, dissertations, and other published sources. TexBib currently contains over 14,100 bibliographic entries dating from 1840 to the present, and approximately 91,000 assigned keywords. The bibliography can be searched by author, keywords, dates, or combinations.


Databases with Reselect v1.20 search program: (3.6 MB).

  • Besides TEXBIB, this installation includes a preliminary version of James Reddell's Bibliographic Guide to New World Cave Biology, or NWBB.


No special setup is required. Download this file (PC only), extract/unzip it, and open the reselect.exe file to run the program. .

Database compilation dates:

TEXBIB: 2015-11-19
NWBB: 2008-08-24

This site will be periodically updated -- both with new database compilations and new builds of Reselect, which is still being developed. When running Reselect, you can select Help | About to see the compilation dates for the databases you currently have.