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Version 0.3 Build 2016-10-25

WallsMap is a tool for managing geographical data inventories, where text, images, and links to information are associated with sets of coordinates. Like other Geographic Information System (GIS) viewers, the program treats each map document as a set of overlapping data layers. Among its unusual features is the ability to open multiple maps, or layer sets, so that they can be viewed together in a synchronized fashion as shown here:

3 synchronized map views

The WallsMap setup contains a preliminary GIS project named Texas Public Caves, one that's similar to the karst database being maintained by the Texas Speleological Survey. This dataset might interest you if you would like to share data with the TSS, or if you're developing a project where data of various kinds (reports, images, etc.) are associated with point locations in Texas.

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Note: WallsMap now uses graphics technology available only in recent versions of Microsoft Windows (Vista/7/8+). Windows XP is not supported. Once it is installed you can click on a link in the About box to check if your build is current.

A PDF and Online version of the Help File is also available and will be updated with each new build: WallsMap.pdf (5.5 MB), WallsMap Online Help

Sample Project Info: Upon finishing, the program's setup should open a sample project file named Texas Public Caves.ntl. At the same location is an alternative project, Texas Public Caves_DRG-DEM.ntl, that has the links and settings already set up for the DEM/DRG layers described in the help file under Available Background Imagery. Those layers currently cover an area of 1177 7.5' USGS quadrangles. Before opening that project, you should download and extract the corresponding files into a folder named TSS_NTI at the same level as TSS_Data.

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