The distinction between wild caves and the show caves that you can tour is that the wild caves have no trails or electric lights. Wild caves also are at pains to preserve natural entrances and often host a wide variety of native cave fauna. Several State-owned caves are now open to guided wild caving tours: Kickapoo Cavern near Brackettville, Kinney County, and several caves at Colorado Bend State Park, San Saba County. The Texas Parks & Wildlife Department is trying to manage these caves in an ecologically sound manner. Other caves, such as Enchanted Rock Cave, are open to state park visitors without special permits.

The links at the right point to some of these accessible wild caves. Before you visit them, however, make sure you know the conditions under which they are accessible and the basic cave safety and conservation principles that can help you have a successful visit. "Caving softly" will help keep these resources open to all -- Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time.

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