Colorado Bend State Park

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  • Directions: To get to Colorado Bend State Park, drive north to Lampasas on U.S. 281 from San Antonio or U.S. 183 from Austin. Turn west on RM 580 and drive 24 miles, crossing the Colorado River to Bend, which is a small store. Turn left at the store onto the gravel road and drive about 3 miles, passing the left-hand turnoff to Sulfur Springs. Continue on the main gravel road, passing the turnoff to Gorman Falls on the left and the superintendent's stone house on the right, finally arriving at the small registration building near the Colorado River, about 8 miles from Bend. Sign up here to see the caves.


Texas Parks and Wildlife Department holds weekend wild cave tours at Cicurina Cave, Dynamite Cave, Gorman Cave, Lemons Ranch Cave, and Turtle Shell Cave. Normally, a Texas Conservation Passport is required to attend. Cavers also can participate in monthly work trips to the park under a group permit for the Colorado Bend Project, organized under the Texas Speleological Association.

The Colorado Bend Project welcomes cavers of all levels to help document the caves and karst of Colorado Bend State Park. The goal is to aid in management and future research on the over 400 caves and karst features currently known in the Park. A side variety of skills are needed in this project, from the willingness to ridgewalk down through technical caving and map-making. See the project page (linked above) for the schedule of and objectives for project weekends.

Antique Bulldozer Pump at Gorman Spring, Colorado Bend State Park
- photo Butch Fralia

Please avoid rattlesnakes in the caves, such as Cicurina and Dynamite.  Do not harm rattlesnakes or other fauna-cave entrances are part of their normal habitat.  Stay away from bats and avoid making noise.  If you come into a room with bats, please turn around and leave.

No caving is allowed without a permit!